Standard loans

ABCD comes with a standard loan module. With this module you can:

  • Register all patrons of the library. By default standard fields for a user are defined: username, user ID (can be a barcode), contact details, user image.
  • Define the loan policies for the different type of users and different types of material.
  • You can set the number of items to loan and the loan period per user group and per type of material.
  • Define the maximum number of renewals (per group or per type of material).
  • Set the expiration date per user. If this expiration date passes (for example at the end of the academic year) the user is not allowed to make loans until he registers again.
  • Create reports of items that are overdue. set suspension or fines per user. run statistics for loan transactions.

If you download the ABCD software the standard loan module is included, no extra downloads needed.

The standard loan module is suited for most of the libraries. The “Advanced Loan Module” is more complex to install and manage. It should be considered only if all of these conditions apply to your library institution:

  • Multiple locations with copies of the same books in multiple locations
  • Each library has its own signatures
  • There are a lot of copies per item. The limit is about 100 copies per item.