About the new ABCD v2.0

Submitted by EdS on Mon, 04/22/2013 – 17:02


General discussion

We have prepared a new version of ABCD, i.e. version 2.0, with as its main new features :

  • the use of different CISIS-versions for the database-storage, e.g. CISIS-Unicode, BigISIS
  • Unicode compatibility when so desired for specific databases
  • Digital Library feature for uploading and full-text indexing/searching documents
  • new module ‘ODDS’ for Online Document Delivery Service
  • new module for LDAP authority control
  • new DSpace bridge script for automatic migration of DSpace repository in ABCD
  • fully PHP 7.x compatible

The new versions 2.0b are now being tested in operational environments and we are going to make available the distribution at the downloads page, but in a different format for Windows : no longer Apache and PHP will be part of the distribution as we prefer to leave this to other more specialized actors, such as WAMP and XAMP. It suffices to put a dedicated ABCD ‘virtual host’ configuration file into these packages.

This forum allows users to put their feedback and ideas on the new version.

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