Release 2014-08-10


Added the possibility to have different interface appearance (colours, fonts, etc) and logo for each of the base folders defined in the system (see Change appearance).

Added a new parameter to the abcd.def file:


so that no button related to reserves appears on loan.


Revised all scripts because there were problems when the wxis was called by the Post method.

The possibility of generating a javascript to validate the entry before sending the data to the server is being added. For this purpose, 3 columns have been added in the FDT: Mandatory, field type and input pattern. Not used yet because it is under development

Fixed problem with Z39.50 import when using a conversion table.

In the display window for records coming from a search, the search expression is displayed in a hidden division which can be displayed by clicking on the corresponding link. In addition, an option to refine the query results has been added.

The positioning of the mfn when switching from search display to Mfn display has been revised. It now keeps the mfn of the last record presented in the search and allows a sequential review from that mfn.

The record copy by search and control number assignment was checked and works correctly.

When copying a record it does not pass the data of the operator field and date of last update

The record creation operator and date field is now set to readonly.

Fixed problem with display of default values

Field 08 breakdown is now displayed correctly when editing default values.


Changed inverted list update via MX (see Inverted list update using mx)


Revised all scripts because there were problems when the wxis was called by the post method.

Added option to work with union catalogues when not using the copies database. In this case each library has its own field for entering holdings in the catalogue register and ABCD is in charge of selecting which holdings are shown to the operator both in cataloguing and loans. This process is being tested and will then be fully documented.

The display formats used in the “Status of an item” process and the display of holdings in the circulating loan process can be configured by the user (see: Change display).

In the display of the reservations of a security, first the reservations on hold are displayed and then the rest of the reservations registered for that security.

At the time of lending a field was activated to ask for additional loan information. For this purpose:

Field 300 was added in the Trans FDT.
Modified the loan receipt formats (r_loan.pft, r_return.pft, …) in the trans/pfts folder to add the 300 field.
The format for table presentation of transactions (tbtrans.pft) in the trans/pfts folder was modified.
Format for presentation of transactions in the bank statement (trans.pft) in the trans/pfts folder
Changed the display format of the transactions in the statement of an item (loans_display.pft) in the trans/pfts folder.

Corrected the time span of the loan when the object is reserved. It now takes the value set in the policy

Enabled a script to do an advanced search in the “Item status” option. Also in the

Also in the “Update database definition” menu, an option was added to specify the advanced search form to be used in the reservation process and in the status of the item. The fields that appear in this advanced search form can be set through an option in the “Update database definition” menu.

Created the script scripts_circulation.php to place the javascripts that need to be called in the loans module.

Fixed a problem in Internet Explorer that did not allow printing of loan or return receipts.

To disable a user in loans, set the effective date to a date lower than the current date.


The reservation display formats: tbreserve and reserve_01.pft have been changed to facilitate the display of icons for cancelling, printing and mailing reservation information.

An option to delete all records in a category (bookings attended, cancelled bookings, pending bookings, etc.) has been added to the display of the reservation listings.

The display of bookings in the circulating loan processes can be configured by the user (see: Change display).

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