Demo Version

You can try the ABCD software on an online installation of the ABCD. All features that you can access come with the default installation package of ABCD.

Our demo version is synchronized with the development in the Github repository, so there may be some bugs.

We will soon make a more stable demo version available in parallel with development for comparison


To enter the modules, you shall follow the instructions bellow:

ABCD – Administration –

   User: abcd
   Password: adm
   Rights: System Administrator, Database administrator, Database Operators, Loan administrator
   User: abcd
   Password: dboper
   Rights: Database administrator, Database Operators 

ABCD – Public site –

Pre-required Softwares

ABCD use requires:

  • Windows or Linux Apache 2.2.x
  • PHP 7.4.x
  • YAZ
  • Mysql 5.1 or newer (Only for EmpWeb)
  • Java 1.5(Only for EmpWeb and Linux)