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ABCD 2.2 - last update 4.00 KB 713 downloads


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ABCD 2.2 64bits - Windows Install 0.00 KB 566 downloads

This installer was compiled with: - XAMPP x64-8.0.5-0-VS16-installer; - PHP 8.0.5; -...

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Older Versions – do not install on Modern Operating Systems

MS Windows


ABCD2.2b - Windows 92.71 MB 820 downloads

NEW ABCD2.2b zipped www-folder, December 2020. Can overwrite existing ABCD-installation...

ABCD2.1b - Windows 167.56 MB 215 downloads

ABCD2.1b zipped www-folder, June 2019. Can overwrite existing ABCD-installation for...

ABCD 1.4 Windows Installer 278.54 MB 952 downloads

Windows version 2.0f. installer : configuration wizard with Apache2.4 +PHP7.2. This...



ABCD 2.2b - Linux - Debian 162.01 MB 457 downloads

NEW! Debian 2.2b package (December 2020 update) without Apache/PHP to be installed...

ABCD 2.1b - Linux - Debian 301.10 MB 337 downloads

Debian 2.1b package (June 2019 update) without Apache/PHP to be installed with 'dpkg...

ABCD 2.1b - Linux - RPM 300.40 MB 44 downloads

RedHat/CentOS 2.1b package (June 2019 update) without Apache/PHP to be installed...



DBFView Trial - 2011 819.29 KB 24 downloads

DBFView - the most popular DBF editor and viewer for Win9x/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7...

ISIS Swiss Knife 5.85 MB 63 downloads

SWK is a set of tools for the control of CDS-ISIS databases quality and their maintenance....

Note about EmpWeb

Most versions include the EmpWeb module with Jetty pre-configured. EmpWeb no longer works with most recent versions of Ubuntu (with Java and MySQL), so use older version.
V2.0f is principally v1.5 + extra’s but downwards compatible (currently under testing).

For the latest releases of ABCD software please refer to ABCD on GitHub