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Dear Peter,

I tested your lines and it worked perfectly. Obviously I adjusted the quote characters to the acceptable standard, as the forum did an improper conversion.


select e3
case 700: "^a"v710^a" "'$$$'v710
case 700: "^a"v711^a,|. |v711^b,| (|v711^c|) |, if a(v711^c) then | (|v711^p|)| fi'$$$'v711
case 712: "^a"v712^a,|. |v712^b,| (|v712^c|) |, if a(v712^c) then | (|v712^p|)| fi'$$$'v712

I could not reproduce the error in any way.

My question is:

– Do the buttons freeze after the window is opened or does it freeze after a certain amount of clicks?

One suggestion I can give is to inspect the window using F12 from the browser and then click Console. JavaScript errors show up in the browser debuggers.


If you get more information, please post it here so we can try to figure out what’s going on.