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Dear Egbert, Dear Roger
Yes the data in any fields can corrupt the browsing of the authority list.
The freeze&error will happen as soon as the authority list encounters something out of the ordinary
So i am wrong, it can be any number of clicks until we reach something unusual in the authority list.

Example below for a co-author field # 701, it can be any other field.

^aAltora Colonna de Stigliano^bFerdinand-Joseph d'^cprince^f1871-1939
^aAltora Colonna de Stigliano^bFerdinand-Joseph^cprince d'^f1871-1939

the issue freeze disappear when we edit the field to make it uniform as below.

^aAltora Colonna de Stigliano^bFerdinand-Joseph^cprince d'^f1871-1939

Why a chain of basic ascii characters letters-number-apostrophe-parenthesis-dot-comma is impacting the javascript Continuar() so much ? It will be hard for us to verify the data integrity on large base.