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I received the files of this database in trial mode and was able to analyse them more calmly.

I converted the database to text to try with Sublime Text and VSCode to locate the correct encoding, but what I could see is that it is practically irreversible.

To fix it the best chance is to convert the database to text and use “Replace” to batch correct the errors:


./i2id database > new_database.txt

This link explains a possible cause:

This site ( tries to find the correct encoding for text, I tried to play some database snippets and no satisfactory result.


My hypothesis is that this database was converted to UTF8 and used as ISO8859-1, because according to what I read in a forum the error happens when the file is with one encoding but is displayed as another, causing a mix up.


If there is a purer version of this database could help, but right now I only see the replacement as a resolution.

There are even tables for this, but it is a lot of work:

É -> É
“ -> "
†-> "
Ç -> Ç
à -> Ã
é, 'é
à -> ú -> ú
• -> -
Ø -> Ø
õ -> õ
à -> í
â -> â
ã -> ã
ê -> ê
á -> á
é -> é
ó -> ó
â€" -> -
ç -> ç
ª -> ª
º -> º
à -> à