Changes as of 06-02-2015

An option has been implemented in the menu Maintain database definition, identified as Tooltips for help on database fields, which allows you to define the help on database fields in the form of a box with pop-up text (tooltip). (see Pop-up help on database fields).

The option to search the system’s operator database has been implemented (see Searching by name in the operator database).

The footer of the ABCD windows has been modified to show the date of the current version update.

Implemented in the maintenance menu an option to prevent the database from being initialised or deleted (see Protect database).

Implemented online account status query from the iAH (see Online account status). Online renewal is also allowed (see Online Renewal).

Implemented online booking (see Online Booking).

Corrected a reported problem with editing of repeatable fields in databases with non-marked formatting.

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