January 2024 updates

It’s been a while since the last post here on the site, so it’s time to present a rum round-up of the updates made to ABCD in the month of January 2024.

One of the biggest changes can be seen in the Reports screen.

New functionalities have been added, such as

  • Elimination of the pop-up window for editing the display format;
  • Added options to specify separator for “Delimited columns” when exporting to CSV;
  • Added option to delete saved search expression;
  • Added option to send data to printer;

Functional changes

  • Databases with 16-60 architecture cannot handle very large display files (pfts). A warning will be issued if the file size exceeds 31,000 bytes;
  • The automatically generated display format has been adapted to generate less code and the same or better report output;
  • Code generation for subfields has been redesigned. Acted on the FDT “Pre-literal” field. This field is obsolete and disappeared from the UI a long time ago. The code will now generate the correct output for repetitive fields;
  • New generation option: optional prefix subfield values with subfield ID (^a);
  • New generation option: enclose csv fields in inverted commas (“…”);
  • These options are stored in.dat formats, so an edit of a format has the same generation options;
  • Some bugs have been fixed (e.g. failure of the db mark in French).

Small changes:

  • Text translations added/replaced
  • Report generation layout uses coloured background blocks
  • deprecated, obsolete and unused code removed
  • header_display.php has correct language and doctype header

In addition to the changes to the report generation process, other improvements have been made elsewhere in the system, such as:

  • Deletion of the unused file: default_create.php
  • Correction of HTML in scripts:
    • ingresoadministrador.php: add correct end tags (</…);
    • inicio_main.php: corrected the value in the last iframe;
    • Improved display of last modification date;
  • Time in 24-hour format – added a script to avoid similar code replicas;
  • Show the correct number of Operator and Date entries;
  • Improved calendar function;
  • Fixed some typos and formatting errors;
  • Improved footer display;
  • Shows only a div-helper/toolbar if an unformatted edit is made.

The next changes to be incorporated into the ABCD will be in the generation of statistics and in the OPAC, which is undergoing a complete overhaul.

To follow the changes in real time, visit: https://abcd-community.org/dev-latest-updates/

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