Updates as of 25/06/2014


Fixed existing problem with default values. Additional parameters were added to the dr_path.def file that allow redefining some parameters set in the initial config.php configuration file and that are related to the reading and processing mode of a particular database. For this purpose, the config_extended.php script was created to extend the config.php with new parameters without having to replace the existing config.php, thus losing the local configuration already set. To enable the use of config_extended.php make the following change to the config.php script

if (isset($arrHttp["base"])){
if (isset($def[$arrHttp["base"]]))

Include config_extended.php that reads configuration parameters that applies to the selected database

include (realpath(dirname(__FILE__)).DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR."config_extended.php");

In other words, copy in the config.php script the group of instructions that is marked in red, after the last instruction of the group marked in blue. In the config.php script included in this distribution this change is already made. The config_extended.php script reads the dr_path.def file located in the active database folder and replaces the config.php parameters with the corresponding ones (see Dr_path.def). Fixed problem with displaying repeatable fields in default values.

Circulation and loans

The script usuarios_prestamos_presentar.php was modified to make a single call to wxis.exe to update the loan (trans), reserve (reserve) and transaction log (logtrans) databases. The wxis/create_log.xis script was also updated for this purpose. In the loans with copies option, when configuring a source database, the loans.dat file was incorrectly saved. It did not accept $ in the local currency code configuration. In the “database with copies” mode, it did not show the “status of an object” when the inventory number did not exist in “loanobjects” but existed in copies.


Several adjustments were made to the reservations module, including changes in the definition of the database, the procedure for assigning a reservation when a copy of the reserved title is returned, sending mail to participate in the reservation assignment, among others. For more information see Requirements for implementing the reserve. The reserve folder with the database definition files is included. The def and pfts folders have not been translated into all languages. You must include the reserve database in the bases.dat file in order to be able to maintain it from the cataloguing module.

iAH configuration

The option to delete lines in the edition of the .DEF file has been corrected.


Modified the writing of a record from Z39.50 to make it compatible with the new methodology for updating the database (<tag 0> … </tag>).


Added new messages to the lending and cataloguing messaging.

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